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Exhibition Stands, Hire & Rental, Stand Design, Digital & Flatbed Printing, Graphics, Installation & Dismantle Service

Leitner Systems - Displays for Exhibition Stands & Interior Design

Modular Displays for Galleries, Trade Shows & Exhibits

Duo GB Ltd supply and install a selection of Exhibition Panel systems from the German based Leitner range. Varying from the lightweight versions of L1 and L4 to the more robust L44. Whether you are running a small trade show booth, showing on a large stand or designing an interior display, Duo GB Ltd can provide the perfect modular display system. Not only that, Duo GB Ltd also offer free exhibition stand design and large format digital and UV flatbed printing. Representation of a client's product or message is what exhibiting is all about, so ease of application of graphics is paramount to any display system. These modular display panels are constructed from a timber frame, with a honeycomb inner section and a tough durable outer skin specifically designed to apply adhesive vinyl to, which can be easily removed and changed for future use. Because of the nature of this type of exhibition system, stand design, reconfiguration and construction is relatively straight forward, requiring a minimum of tools.

All Leitner modular display boards from Duo GB Ltd are for sale, with a select range for Hire / Rental.

Custom gallery in Leitner Panels   Leitner 4 Curve   A Leitner 44 Modular Panel Display System

Leitner Panels - Exhibition & Trade Show Display Boards

L1 Is a display system based around a connector of 45/90 or 60/120 degrees. The Board is 17 mm thick, comes in a range of widths and heights, and is easily transportable. Installation and dismantle is achieved without the use of tools.

L4 is similar to L1 but are sized 636 mm x 595 mm. This lightweight portable display system also uses header (241 mm high) and kicker panels (340 mm high). L4 uses a connector with a multiple range of angles, allowing curves and complex displays to be constructed. The system is sold as a kit form of 20 lightweight exhibition panels with accessories and lighting, contained within a metallic or wooden crate, or in bags.

L44 is the most prestigious of the modular panel systems produced by Leitner GmbH.  L44 is a 40 mm thick wall-panel presentation system with an almost invisible connection method. The system comes in a range of horizontal and vertical sizes, creating partitions for use in galleries, museums and trade shows.

Leitner 1 Exhibition Panel system   Leitner 4 Curve   Leitner 44 panel system used both horizontally & vertically

For information on Leitner Products - Panels and Exhibition Stands please Contact Us or phone 01604 230445

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