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Decorative Solutions for Swimming Pools, Restaurants, Retail & Office Spaces, Hotels, Hospitals, Museums, Art Galleries

Stretch Fabric Ceilings

Decorative and fuctional textiles from Clipso used for Stretch Ceilings and Printed Walls

Duo GB Ltd are a UK based supplier and installer of the technical fabrics manufactured by Clipso,  primarily used in the production of stretch fabric ceilings and printed wall coverings. With the use of specially designed cold tensioning profiles, widths of material upto 5250 mm can be suspended from either the ceiling or walls without the need for joints or seams, making renovation quick, easy and hassle-free. The materials are PVC free, making them very eco-friendly, and are fully printable which allows for a lot of creativity on the design side, making each installation unique. Clipso is available in 19 different colours.

Showroom with walls clad with printed fabric graphics   Stretch fabric ceilings with integrated lighting   Stairwell with Clipso graphics   Swimming pool with a printed stretch fabric ceiling

Clipso Building Stretch Ceiling and Wall Covering range

Clipso Building is a PVC free, fire retardent (M1 rating), Polyester knitted stretch fabric (coated with Polyurethane) material designed to provide high-end visual and acoustical solutions, and is available upto 5100 mm wide without any seams or joints. The wide range of stretch fabrics and tensioning profiles make renovation for ceilings and walls quick, simple and easy, available in a variety of colours and types: acoustic, anti-bacterial (suitable for hospitals), translucent and printable. The range of tension profiles enable the creation of conventional ceilings aswell as acoustic, printed, stand-alone and floating ceilings. The wide variaty of technical textiles and tension profiles enable you to create perfect wall coverings combining strength and finish with visual and acoustic quality.  Conventional installation with soft fabrics, stand alone partitions, frames, screens and printed walls.

Printed Ceilings          Refurbished restaurant          Ceiling refurb          Contempary kitchen design

Stretch fabric ceilings using materials from Clipso provide improved sound proofing, are washable and can also be painted. With easy installation, with no odour and minimal waste, whole fabric ceilings or walls can be renovated in one go without the need to remove furnishings and plants. The fabrics state-of-the-art composition allows for the integration of lighting, sound systems and other technical items to be easily installed, making ceiling renovation in the home, office, hotels, hospitals or retail space affordable and hassle free. The material used in stretch fabric ceilings and walls is waterproof and chloride resistant, it neither blisters or cracks, making it suitable for use in bathrooms, swimming pools and health spas.

Stretch Fabric Ceilings Renovation

Before & after renovation  Stretch fabric ceiling renovation

 For further information on Stretch Fabric Ceilings and Wall Coverings please Contact Us or phone 01604 230 445. 

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