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Exhibition Stands - Leitner 10 Modular System

Leitner 10: A Modular, Aluminium  Exhibition System for Purchase or Hire

Whether you need this display system for tradeshows, exhibitions, or shop-in-shop configurations within large spaces, the basic framework of all Leitner 10 (L10) Modular Display Stands allow for the development of spacial concepts in different dimensions and on different levels, from simple set-ups to more elaborate two-storey structures.

Exhibition Stand built from Leitner 10

Its minimalistic, timeless design, precise workmanship, tough anodised surfaces and structural concept all form the basis of the successful, long-term popularity of the system.  For exhibitors out to showcase their products, facilitate communication and present their company to best effect, the timeless qualities of L10 make it the ideal presentation system for all exhibition stands.  Assembled simply and rapidly with a minimal amount of tools, the Leitner 10 modular system creates an immediate impression of spacious architecture - with self-supporting sections spanning up to 6000 mm and standing up to 5000 mm high.  The two-storey version, or Double Decker can span widths of 5000 mm and reach a maximum height of 6400 mm.

L_10 Modular display stands  Double floor structure  Leitner 10 stand for Wedgewood

Leitner 10 is based on a simple matrix, which makes planning your stand far easier, no matter how large and ellaborate it may be.  With Leitner's easy-to-handle assembly techniques, you can soon set yourself apart from the crowd in original style.  Different wall panels can be easily fitted, graphics and multimedia applications can be readily integrated.  Glass panels provide both security and transparency, while laminated or fabric screens make for privacy.  Leitner 10 is the ideal large format system for interior design applications and exhibition stands.

Exhibition stand with double floor  Leitner 10 stand for EMV  Aluminium L10 structure

Thanks to its logical design, L10 allows you to create rooms with the widest variety of sizes and uses - for meetings, conferences or presentations; for workplaces, cafeterias or relaxation zones; for halls, anterooms or corridors.  A Leitner 10 modular system offers optimum durability and stability, plus a wide range of accessories for a whole spectrum of different areas.  All exhibitors appreciate exhibition systems that give them maximum latitude when designing their stand; systems that won't cramp their style, that are modular, expandable, economical, and reusable.  Such systems have to respond not only to the technical necessities imposed by exhibition halls and tradeshow settings but also to future developments in the field.  Leitner 10 is discretion itself, content to set the stage for your products and marketing messages, providing the perfect setting for a presentation that will make a lasting impression.

Ceiling Structures

Large ceiling spans   Modern and elegant design   An array of ceiling and lighting options

Ceilings define our impressions of rooms.  Leitner 10 offers clearly structured ceilings with elements made up of Aluminium slats or closed ceilings using laminated panels.  Alternative distinctive ceiling designs feature sandwich elements in polycarbonate.  Lighting forms an important part of the room and of your presentation, as such it calls for careful, mission-matched planning.  To help create the desired impact, an extensive range of lighting systems are at your disposal.

With the advent of Large Format Digital Printing, the L10 exhibition system is ideally suited for hanging large drops of printed graphics.  Duo GB Ltd have full solvent machines which can print upto 3.2 m wide on a variety of Drop Papers, netted material and Stretch Ceilings fabrics.

Leitner 10 is available for purchase, but Hire / Rental options are also available.

Stylish elegant stands  Large graphic displays  Minimalistic approach using panes of glass

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