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CNC Routing Northampton

CNC Routing Service in Northampton from Duo GB Ltd

Duo GB Ltd run a dedicated service, CNC Routing Northampton based at it's midlands office. With a bed size of 2570 mm x 1350 mm, this machine is ideal for large or small projects. The CNC router can be used to cut most types of materials such as MDF, plywood, chipboard, metals  and acrylics. The machine can be used to produce a range of items such as: templates, counter and table tops, custom made and contract furniture, frames, shapes and lettering plus limited runs for prototypes. Custom or bespoke parts for exhibition stands, retail displays, POS, interlocking ply and MDF components used in the manufacture of portable exhibition panel systems, retail displays, slatwall, display boards etc...

The CNC Routing Northampton service covers:
  • WCNC Routing Northamptonoodworking
  • Signage
  • Prototypes
  • Drilling
  • Plastic and Foam Fabrication
  • Metalworking
  • Design



The CNC machine program cuts or engraves from imported .ai files, but the in-house creative team can design the template or cutting pattern ready for manufacture if so required.



For further information and quotes on CNC Routing Northampton Services please Contact Us or phone 01604 230445    

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