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Exhibition Displays, Drop Paper & Accessories, Ceilings, Illuminated Walls & Columns, Mesh Screens, Inkjet & Flatbed Printing

Drop Paper & Decorative Media Ranges

A Range of Decorative Display Accessories for Interiors and Exhibitions

Duo GB Ltd supply a range of fire rated decorative drop paper and netted fabric suitable for a variety of uses, such as digital printing, ceiling architecture, laser cut partitions, illuminated walls, light columns, light boxes, signage and many other interior based applications from Procedes Chenel International, a company based in France.

Drop Paper: Pre-Coloured and Printable Versions 

Drop Screen is a non-woven material, lightweight (60 gr/m2) and very easy to handle, available in white and 14 other colours at a maximum width of 2400 mm, which is suitable for printing with dye sublimation and latex inks. The material is a light, strong and easy to cut drop paper. Suitable for decorative ceilings, banners, lampshades and partitions. Also available in 3 fluorescent colours; Yellow, Orange and Magenta called Fluo Drop

Alacarte (Drop Paper) is a non-woven material made from Cellulosis, Polyester and Fiber glass. The material has a fibrous feel and comes in a range of 42 striking colours. It comes on rolls 1550 mm wide, with a minimum order of 25 m. This type of material can only be printed on using dye sublimation and latex inks. It is fire retardant (M1, B1, Class 1, NFPA 701) and is ideal for indoor use, such as lampshades, partitions and temporary screens, bringing much added colour and texture to any home, interior display, retail space or exhibition stand.  

Fire rated drop paper available in 15 colours   42 different colours at 1600 mm wide   Retail and Point of Sale displays   Coloured paper drops for exhibition stands   Large-scale displays

Four different qualities of the printable drop paper (Drop Jet) are available, which can be with or without fiberglass. Designed for large format digital printers (Solvent, Eco-Sol, Dye and UV), ranging in widths and weights of 914 mm (80 gr, 137 gr), 1270 mm (80 gr, 137 gr), 1372 mm (80 gr, 137 gr), 1524 mm (80 gr, 88 gr, 137 gr) and 2400 mm (88 gr, 138 gr). The 80 gr and 137 gr drop material is suitable for Dye and UV printing whilst the 88 gr and 138 gr versions are suitable for Eco Solvent, Solvent and UV printing. This material is fire retardant M1, B1, Class 1 and NFPA 701. 

Drop Jet - High quality printable papers  Large printed loops for exhibitions  Paper drops for trade shows and displays  A Drop Jet print into your interior design scheme  Drop Jet used as an alternative to panels  Paper shapes for Conference Sets

Mesh Fabrics

Drop Net is a knitted mesh fabric made from 100% polyester and is ideal for making semi-transparent screens for interiors, suspended signs or partition walls for trade shows or exhibition stands. When printed the image is visible from both sides. Suitable for use on all digital inkjet printers. The material is 180 gr/m2 and comes in widths of 2150 mm. Fire retardant M1. 

Drop Net - Widths of 1524 mm with protective liner for printing   Printable mesh fabric in 2400 mm width without liner   Netted transparent screens   Drop Net - Fire resistant M1, Class 1, B1 NFPA 701   Translucent screen material for exhibitions   Printed net

Lighted Wall

Lighted Wall is a modular display system of free standing illuminated partitions up to 5000 mm high. Thin micro cables are used for the hanging of frames, shelves or LCD screens. The unique structure allows lighting to be set up internally, which is then diffused by the fully printable graphics on the mesh, drop paper or translucent screens.

Lighted walls for exhibition display stands   Illuminated exhibition stand   Illuminated stand design   Internally lit walls for retail applications  

Light Columns

A stackable, modular range of Illuminated Light Columns. Simple and attractive design, these lighted elements can be free standing or suspended from a gantry or ceiling. The light columns are long lasting, easy to assemble and re-useable. The images are printed onto a drop paper, and can be illuminated by fluorescent or LED lighting. Fire rated M2.

Illuminated Light Columns   Modular and stackable   Table top light column   Light columns   Creating atmosphere   Suspended paper light in Brent Cross shopping mall   Illuminated light tube

Lighted Displays  Click Here for Technical Details 

Decorative illuminated displays made from a printed  drop paper applied to a rigid skeleton. These can come in various shapes and sizes, suitable for interior displays, retail outlets and exhibition stands. Internally lit by coloured fluorescent tubes or LED's to provide great lighting effects.

Suspended illuminated shapes   Decorative lighting for the home or office   Lighted Drop - Subtle lighting effects   Retail applications   Internally lit columns

Decorative Ceilings

Drop Stripe is a ceiling system made up of weighted parallel stripes of drop paper stretched in the vertical plane, and suspended from wires. Compatible with most security systems, the stripes can also be printed and used as graphic support carriers.

Restaurant ceiling design   Motor show ceiling   Large sections of paper drops   Masking sections of roof   Hotel Ceiling   Decorative ceiling design

Drop Gondola is a looped style ceiling finish available in two distinctive types. Gondola (in length) is formed from half circle drop paper strips, the ends of which are adhered to pre-curved aluminium and stretched with springs to give a permanent tension. Drop Gondola (in width) is simply strips of the same material attached to an upper frame or structure by means of an aluminium tube located in a hem on the material. The curve is formed naturally, depending on the length of the material used and the width of the structure it is suspended from.

Curved lengthways   Length version of Gondola curve   Width type version   Lowering the ceiling height   De Montfort University, UK

For further information on Decorative Ceilings & Illuminated Accessories please Contact Us or phone 01604 230 445.
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