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Shell Clad - Shell Scheme Cladding - Seamless Graphics

Seamless Shell Scheme Graphics for Exhibition Stands

In a typical exhibition hall there will be row upon row of exhibition and trade show (shell scheme) booths which will all look exactly the same; ie empty white, grey or black cubicles. For your exhibition presence to be a success, you absolutely have to find a way of highlighting your stand from Exhibition stand fitted with the Shell-Clad graphicsall those around you.  The use of Shell Clad's seamless graphics maximises wall and floor space, and can be used with all leading types of shell schemes commonly used within the industry.

Unfortunately, the rules govening the use of such exhibition schemes are against you as they forbid nailing, gluing, taping, bolting, screwing, riveting and/or velcro'ing anything (including your graphics) to the booth framework itself.

Because of this, most exhibitors resort to the use of pop-ups, banners and posters to dress their stand as best as possible. However, as none of these products were specifically designed for exhibition stands or trade show booths, large swathes of wall space are wasted and floor space is compromised.

Shell Clad panels overcomes all these restrictions and enables you to apply seamless graphics over every square centimetre of wall space, turning the trade show booth  into a more conventional exhibition stand. What's more, it does this without intruding into your floor space. In other words, the Shell Clad graphics system gives you a 100% optimised exhibition stand, enabling you to shine in a sea of otherwise drab exhibition trade show cubicles!

Shell scheme with graphics applied     Seamless shell scheme graphics

Benefits of using the special Shell Clad profiles for hanging graphics:

Installation and breakdown time when using Shell Clad graphics are seriously reduced; achieved without the use of tools. Once disassembled the 2400mm high graphic panels can be rolled up (if graphic has been applied to a non-rigid rollable material) and placed into tubes or cases, which can be easily placed in the back of a car. This reduces transportation costs and storage space.The profile comes in 2 versions, colour coded (Black and Blue) and fits almost all popular makes of exhibition shell schemes. The system is flexible and can be used in a variety of formats (design allowing) with various accessories and profiles available.

  • Shell Clad provides striking seamless shell scheme graphics giving a custom designed look within a standard trade show or exhibition booth. Highly regarded by designers because it gives complete freedom with graphic design, making any exhibition stand truely unique. 

  • The Shell Clad display area has a zero foot print meaning wasted floor space is kept to a minimum, enabling you to maximise your stand's potential. Using a pop up in a 3m x 2m booth can reduce the available wall space by 50%, and the floor area by 30%.

  • Versamount graphic roll panels are very robust (unlike foamboard), meaning that they can be re-used time and again. Each panel has 250 box-section cross members on its back surface giving it a significant degree of horizontal rigidity when unrolled. Other materials can be used, such as PVC, Opal Jet, Cloth, Plywood, Acrylic or MDF, but the profile isn't designed to take anything heavy.

Using Shell Clad for seamless shell scheme cladding

Shell Clad custom designed graphics      Customised Shell Clad graphics      Seamless graphic backdrop

Use of corner profiles for graphics     Effective use of stand space     Floorspace remains uncompromised     Shell scheme transformed into a conventional looking exhibition stand

Installation of the profile and graphics

The Shell Clad profile has been produced  in two different types, colour-coded Black and Blue. The Black version fits the systems constructed from Burkhardt Leitner, Crea8, Maima M1000, Maxima, Meroform, Normex, Octanorm, Pion (this has no locking mechanism), Quad 4, R8, Syma 408 and all Octanorm derivatives. The Blue version is compatible with the schemes produced by Agem, Aluset, Click (this needs an adaptor), Ford+Barley, Linx, Modul, Nimlok, Nomadic Design Line, Sodem, Syma Molto 30/90 and Unibox. Installation of graphics is very easy, the profile, which comes in lengths of 800 mm (with Velcro - hook, already applied to its front surface) simply slots into the vertical pillars used for the construction of the modular booth, creating a flat surface onto which the graphics (which has Velcro - loop, applied) can be attached. Care should be taken to align graphics where text or images run over two different panels. A typical stand measuring 4000 mm x 3000 mm covered in Shell Clad graphics should take appoximately between 1 and 2 hours to install, transforming the exhibition stand scheme into a large graphic backdrop, which looks very professional and far more expensive that it actually is. 

Fitting the profile    Velcro Hook applied to the profile    Velcro Loop applied to graphic    A seamless looking finish to graphic walls

 Graphic Costs

3m x 2m corner                  3m x 2m Corner Stand - from £995                      3m x 2m Full Stand - from £1393

                  3m x 3m Corner Stand - from £1194                    3m x 3m Full Stand - from £1791

          4m x 3m Corner Stand - from £1393             4m x 3m Full Stand - from £1990

   5m x 3m Corner Stand - from £1592      5m x 3m Full Stand - from £2189

All prices exclude VAT, and all artwork must be supplied as print ready

Price per panel drop of Shell Clad graphics is from £199.00 (depending on materials used), this includes printed graphic applied to a suitable (rollable) material, complete with Velcro applied, plus all of the profiles needed to build required stand layout. Other materials are available (pricing on request).

Artwork should be print ready and no less than 150dpi at full size. Resolution should be increased accordingly to allow for any enlargement if the artwork has been produced at a reduced scale. All artwork must be supplied as CMYK, saved files must be either AI, EPS, Jpeg, Tiff  or PDF formats. The in-house graphics team can also design your stand and graphics (pricing on request).

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