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Exhibition Stand Flooring

Kleu - A Modular, Exhibition Stand Flooring System

Duo GB Ltd are UK based distributors and installers of the Kleu Alu Plano System.  This exhibition stand flooring system is for sale, hire or rent.  This modular floor is ideally suited for exhibition stands, trade show displays, offices, retail spaces or any application which needs to traverse electrical cables or piping.  Installation and dismantle is fairly easy, requiring a minimum of tools.  Alu Plano is a fully height adjustable (from 95 mm to 135 mm) modular exhibition stand flooring system from Kleu.  The system is made up from a tough, foldable Aluminium framework (1000 mm square) which holds a solid CNC routed timber panel.  The flush timber board can be removed easily in an emergency, or for access to electrical or plumbing maintenance.

The point load of a standard sized (1000 x 1000 mm) section is 750 kg/m2 - by using a diagonal brace this is increased to 1000 kg/m2.  Half sized frames are also be available.  Ramps for disabled and wheelchair access can be fully integrated into the system very easily.

Exploded View of the Modular Floor Panel System from Kleu

Kleu Modular Exhibition Stand Flooring

The feet have adjustable height and tilt, which can be individually adjusted to the floor level after assembly is complete.  Height can be altered from 95 mm to 135 mm.  The flooring (panels) can be easily removed from the aluminium frames with or without a lifter, even after assembly.  This allows access to piping, wiring and other installations beneath the floor.  The height of each foot can be altered via the adjusting screw from above after the floor has been installed.  A ramp is also available when required, especially for exhibition stands in the UK and abroad.  Once levelling is complete, plug the adjusting screw access points with the supplied covers for an even surface for laying carpet or desired finish onto.

Removing the panels from the Kleu flooring system    Height adjustment of the system    Covering the holes for a flush finish.

When being transported or not in use the Kleu Exhibition Stand Flooring System can be folded up and stacked too reduce floorspace and storage costs. The floor can be purchased, though Duo GB Ltd hire, install / dismantle modular exhibition flooring throughout the UK and abroad, for details and costs contact the number below.

For Further information on Kleu - Modular Exhibition Stand Flooring please Contact Us or phone 01604 230445

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