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Leitner 4 - Modular Panel Systems for Exhibition Stands and Displays (Sale or Hire)

Modular Panels for Exhibition Stands, Art Galleries and Interior Displays for Purchase or Hire

There is hardly a company which does not need the Leitner 4 panel system.  It is your in-house Leitner Exhibition System: It has just the right element of flexibility and spontaneity to present both your services and your company.  Or it can act as a notice-board.  It is assembled in an instant.  Not in any old way, but exactly how you need it.  In the foyer today, in the meeting room tomorrow, or as a notice-board in your staff common room next week.  Actually, it's not a wall at all, but rather 100 walls.  Or it can be more.  But that's entirely up to you.  A Leitner 4, reusable, modular exhibition panel system wall combines features you would also wish your staff to have: mobility, speed and flexibility.  Business success is measured by speed.  If you want to keep up with the pace, you have to keep moving.  Here, one exhibition system, which is always up-to-date: Leitner 4 makes short-term presentations and interior exhibition display stands in professional surroundings possible.

Leitner 4 Modular Display     Leitner 4 Curve     Shelves for Leitner 4 systems

L4 Transportation bagL4, one of the many Leitner modular exhibition display stand systems, come in an Aluminium case with casters. The case contains everything: connectors, vertical levellers, 20 lightweight panels, trays, brochure racks and lighting fit comfortably inside.  The padded bag version is easier to handle, (the contents split into 5 bags), making it easily transportable by car.  A L4 exhibition display stand grows with your tasks: Additional Platforms and Storage space can be added to the original package, which opens up new dimensions, the different elements can be configured to form a cube, cuboid or a tower. 

Leitner 4 stand-alone presentations make an impression everywhere, even in the smallest rooms.  Then you can move quickly on to the next exhibition stand or trade show booth.  Installation and dismantle of the Leitner 4 Exhibition Panels can be achieved in just a few minutes, without the use of any tools.

Both the case and the bag version accommodate the maximum range of accessories in the minimum amount of space.  From top to bottom and on both sides, the L4 Leitner modular exhibition system is a medium for whatever you want to convey information about in any way.  Flyers and exhibits can be placed on the brochure holders and the shelf. Graphics can be easily applied to each panel.  To present everything in the right light, the set includes two adjustable spherical spotlights or two swivel bracket-mounted spotlights.

Leitner 4 Reusable Exhibition & Display Systems, componants include: Boards, Connectors, Shelves & Lighting

Leitner 4 kit in wheeled crate   Connectors and height adjusters   Panels measure 636 mm x 595 mm   Lighting for system   Shelves for the system - straight or inclined

Leitner Panel L4 system is a very versatile modular display, with exhibition stand re-configuration easily achieved.  Like most of the Leitner Panels that Duo GB Ltd stock, L4 modular is available for Exhibition Panel Hire.  The system is ideal for use as temporary exhibition walling and art gallery displays.

Leitner 4 Example Layouts and Designs

Curved Exhibition Display   Ideal for show rooms   Display boards used at a Travel Convention

Sample Layout 01   Sample Layout 02

Leitner 4 panel system with applied graphics  Self-build stand construction  Graphics can be easily removed or replaced  Inclined or straight shelves covered in matching coloured vinyl

Stand Construction and Transportation

Transportation of Leitner 4Construction of Leitner 4

  • Twist all of the vertical adjusters halfway out.  This will give you more access for upward or downward adjustments that may later become necessary to compensate for unevenness in the floor.

  • Insert the panel elements as shown into the marked slots of the vertical adjusters.  For best stability during assembly, you should begin with a corner.

  • The markings on the connectors indicate which slots should be used for round construction.  Use connectors to join the panel elements at the top.

  • Check to make sure that the angle is correct and that the panel elements are inserted in the marked slots.  Use a level to determine whether the panel elements are correctly aligned.  If required, raise or lower the vertical adjusters.

  • The accessories are hooked into the grooves on the panel tops.

  • The bottom row of panels should be completely assembled before adding the second row on top.  Insert the accessories before proceeding with the panels.  If you set the panels up in a straight line, you should add a brace in the back every three to five metres to enhance stability.  Each additional row of panels is assembled in the same way as described above.

Construction 1-3  Construction 4-6

 Please call 01604 230445 for full details on Exhibition Display Panels Hire/Rental.

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