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Modular Exhibition Stands, Leitner Display Board System, Stand Design, Inkjet & UV Flatbed Printing, Graphics

Reusable Modular Display Panels - Leitner 44

A Stylish Large Format Panel System for Exhibition Stands, Interiors Displays and Gallerys Leitner 44 - Part of the Leitner range of reusable display panels

Duo GB Ltd are the exclusive UK distributor and installer of the L_44 reusable, modular panel system.  For flexible room partitions in galleries, museums, institutions, trade fairs and exhibition stands - everywhere L44 proves its true greatness, because the system adapts itself totally to your requirements with its horizontal and vertical formats.

The constant pursuit of ideal forms of presentation leads to heightened awareness that inspires the creative mind.  Leitner 44 is the product of such inspiration: a clearly defined panel system with clean lines that promote the inherent impact of the exhibits while creating latitude for the imagination.  The aesthetic appeal of large unbroken surfaces reflects the very essence of interior design.  The Leitner 44 exhibition system uses walls to create breadth and height - dividing, defining and linking spaces.  A sensible blend of economy and practicality, L44 is based around a set of 40 mm thick panels, finished with a matt veneer or laminated plastic surface and with pre-determined connector sockets.  The vertical levellers in natural anodized aluminium provide a stable base and compensate for uneven floors.  Fast and easy installation and dismantle; no tools required.

Steel connectors. With lugs on one side or two.   Vertical levellers, in natural anodized aluminium.   Safe and easy assembly. The connectors are virtually invisible.

Exhibition Display Panels can be adapted to suit any room, trade show booth or exhibition stand and offer an endless variety of design options.  Use the boards upright or lengthways to create spacious surfaces, long expanses, variable cascades and stable diagonal solutions, all fashioned to enhance the way art is experienced, design appreciated and messages communicated.

Doors and Frames can be fully integrated within the System enhancing any Exhibitions, Displays or Trade Show Stands   Aluminium shelves, either natural anodized or powder coated in a selection of colours, for outstanding presentations.   Leitner 44 Display System

Eye-catcher, space-maker, stage-builder.  The scope available to the creative mind is virtually endless, exploiting the interplay of space, form, colour, material and light.  Duo GB Ltd can also customise the backdrop in the colour you specify for each panel.  Media panels display text and images (graphics can also be applied straight to the panel), provide information and lend emphasis.  L44 Leitner Panels are supplied in a selection of high quality finishes.

Lightweight Panels and Showcases for Exhibitions & Display Stands

The 40 mm thick boards of the L44 system open the way to generously dimensioned, aesthetically appealing large-scale presentations. Leitner Panels provide the key to making creative and practical use of the space available.  The L44 system draws its stability and torsion resistance from an integral frame surround and are joined together with a visible 2.5 mm joint which makes for clarity and adds to the visual appeal.  The virtually invisible connectors ensure rapid and safe installation and dismantle.  The boards are finished in rigid laminated plastic or veneer.  As an optional extra, coloured vinyl or fully printed graphics can be applied.  This can be removed after use without damaging the surface, adding to the variability of the system.

The Leitner 44 system is designed around the basic board size which measures 235 mm2.  The largest upright panel is 1185 mm wide by 2372.5 mm high or - used lengthways - 2372.5 mm wide by 1185 mm high.  When planning, remember to allow for the 2.5 mm joints.  Needless to say, boards can be manufactured to your own specifications.

Lightweight Panels make for easier Transportation, Installation and Dismantle    Doorways, Shelves and Showcases for Leitner 44 Exhibition Display Stands, combined with lightweight panels adds new dimensions to your Exhibits    Modular Panel System    Almost Invisible Panel Connection.

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