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Professional Roll Up Banner Systems, Retractable Pull Up Banners, Graphics, Digital Inkjet Printing,

Signtific Professional Roller Banner Stands Range

A range of quality, innovative, recyclable Pull Up Roller Banners

The Danish designed "Signtific" range of distinctive professional roll up banners are now available from Duo GB Ltd / Leitner GB Ltd, featuring quality Aluminium construction and finishing, boasting some unique features not found in similiar type products.  From the simple minimalism of the "Jupiter", to the more standard "Mars" and "Saturn" designs, through to the double-sided "Neptune" and the coloured "Sun - 50" ranges.  Available in a variety of widths, each come with a telescopic pole allowing the system to reach between 1500 mm and 2400 mm high, which is considerably taller than most of the other similiar retractable (roll up) banner products available on the market.

The graphic panel is magnetically attached to the inner cartridge, this is then slid into the robust base section and locked into place, which in turn allows for the ease of changeability of your message or promotional display, using pre-printed fully mounted graphics.  All hardware comes supplied with a padded transportation bag.

Mars Roller Banner

Signtific Mars Roll UpMars banner componentsThe "Mars" has a substantial Aluminium base unit designed to hold interchangeable graphics cartridges, so you can have multiple graphics ready for use. The banner has a maximum height of 2400 mm, but with the use of a telescopic pole, lower heights can be achieved.  The front panel of the base unit holds a slide-in graphic making rebranding simple.

     Quality Danish Design

     Sizes: 850mm & 1200mm available

     Aluminium base with interchangeable graphic

     Telescopic pole: height range of 1500mm - 2400mm

     Padded carry bag with shoulder strap

     Weight: Under 4 kg

     Setup time: 1-2 minutes

Saturn Pull Up

Saturn Roller BannerSaturn Components

The "Saturn" pull up is almost the same as the "Mars" version, but utilising a different shaped base unit without the graphic insert.

     Sizes: 1000mm & 1200mm available

     Aluminium base with foldable footplate

     Telescopic pole: height range of 1500mm - 2400mm

     Padded carry bag with shoulder strap

Sun 50 Roll Up

SUN Rainbow retractable roll upSUN Base unit

Very similiar the other models in the Signtific range, using an interchangeable cartridge as a graphic / print holder, with a height adjustable telescopic pole, from 1600 mm - 2200 mm high.  The difference between this pull up to the others in the series is that the hardware comes in specific colours, allowing all aspects of the presentation to be fully colour co-ordinated.

     Size: 850mm available

     Aluminium base with footplate

     Telescopic pole: height range of 1600mm - 2200mm

     Padded carry bag with shoulder strap

     Colours available: Black, White and Aluminium

Jupiter Retractable Banner

Jupiter Retractable BannerJupiter components

The "Jupiter" is the most economical retractable pull up banner from the Signtific range.  Comprised of a compact base unit which houses the spring loaded roller mechanism, held fast by a folding central support foot.  With the aid of a telescopic, height adjustable pole, graphics can range from 850 mm to 2400 mm high. Like other models in the series the Jupiter utilises magnetics to attach the graphics, making changes to the banner unit very simple.

     Sizes: 600mm and 1000mm widths available

     Aluminium base unit with folding support foot

     Telescopic pole: height range of 850mm - 2400mm

     Padded carry bag with shoulder strap


Neptune - Double sided roll-up bannerHHHHHHHHHHHHHH

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