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Decorative Display Papers, Interior Design Accessories, Ceiling Refurbishment, Inkjet & Flatbed Printing

Stretch Ceilings and Walls

Decorative and fuctional textiles for Interior Ceiling Design and Exhibition Stands

Duo GB Ltd supply and install a range of decorative display materials and drop papers (fire rated) suitable for inkjet printing, stretch fabric ceilings, paper ceilings, laser cut drop paper partitions, illuminated walls & light columns, signage and interior design materials from the French company Procedes Chenel International. Other products such as printable digital materials used for wall and ceiling coverings are also available from the Clipso range of technical fabrics.

Smoke Out - A fire retardant material for Stretch Ceilings

Smoke Out is a knitted stretch fabric ceilings textile made of Trevira CS Polyester Fire rated M1, B1, Class 1, NFPA 701. The melting lines every 300 mm enable automatic opening of the material in case of fire, allowing sprinklers to activate. Available in White, Grey and Black, at a width of 2800 mm. The product is ideal for finishing off an exhibition stand, trade show booth or any interior installation by hiding any unsightly wiring or gantries. The material is secured to a framework or trussing with Velcro (or any suitable hook and loop), pulled taut, and trimmed,  producing a neat and eyecatching solution.

Available in White, Light & Dark Grey and Black   SmokeOut is a material used for stretch ceilings   Using Smokeout allows for the sprinklers to work in case of emergency   Fire rated stretchable textile, here used at a motor show   Hiding unsightly areas   Smoke Out can be used in museums and Galleries

Demonstration of the Technical Process

Technical Process 3Technical Process 2Technical Process 1
1. When a fire starts, the fusible lines of the Smoke-Out melt and the drop ceiling opens directly over the heat source. 2. The openings of the textile enable the smoke to dissipate and the automatic sprinklers to activate. 3. The openings in the hung ceiling allow water from the sprinkler system to fall on the fire. Smoke-Out is permeable and will allow water to pass through it.

 A stretch (Smoke-Out) ceiling completely transfoms this gallery    Ceiling covering for an exhibition stand    Smoke-Out being used to dramatic effect


Clipso Technical Materials for Interiors

Duo GB Ltd are distributors and installers of the innovative coverings for walls and stretch fabric ceilings from the Clipso range of technical fabrics.

CLIPSO BUILDING is a range of textiles for stretch ceilings and wall coverings. The cold stretched coverings are revolutionary in their design and fitting methods. CLIPSO provides the ceiling and wall solutions you've been waiting for.

Innovative coverings for walls and ceilings from CLIPSO

CLIPSO BUILDING - Stretch Fabric Ceilings and Wall Covering Textiles

CLIPSO offer a range of materials suitable for creating stretch fabric ceilings designed to provide state of the art top-end visual and acoustical solutions. CLIPSO makes ceiling renovation simple, quick and hassle-free. The wide range of coverings offered in a variety of colours and types: acoustic, anti-microbial, translucent, printable, etc. Use the tension profiles to create conventional, acoustic, printed, stand-alone and floating ceilings.

Adjusts to all curved, sloping shapes        Lights can be integrated into the material        Clipso fabrics can be used as a cost effective solution to renovating the home or office        Flawless finish, completely uniform appearance


Duo GB Ltd have their own graphics department, specialising in modular exhibition stand design, large format digital and UV flatbed printing, graphics, banners and pop ups. All exhibition stands from Duo GB Ltd can incorporate custom designed graphics developed in-house at our Midlands based office. Using a variety of applications such as light boxes, stretch fabrics for ceilings & walls, drop papers and printed graphics can greatly enhance an exhibition stand or interior display.

For further information on Stretch Fabric Ceilings and Wall Covering please Contact Us or phone 01604 230 445.

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