Modular Exhibition Stands and Systems are, in short, “A sustainable, recyclable and reusable resource for exhibitors and contractors alike”.  Design and build of Aluminium structural systems and exhibition wall panels. Display equipment for interior / exterior events, trade show booths and semi-permanent architecture.

In brief, Duo GB Ltd design and install modular display stands & structures for exhibitions constructed from a variety of modular exhibit systems. Based in Northampton, East Midlands UK, (just outside London). Duo GB Ltd are leading the way in supplying custom designed, reusable and recyclable ECO-friendly exhibits. Used for public displays and in retail environments, i.e. Pop-up-shops. From captivating trade show exhibits to dynamic pop-up shops, art galleries, and beyond, our innovative designs empower your brand. Owing to a legacy of over 50 years, Duo GB Ltd are your trusted partner for cutting-edge, environmentally-conscious exhibits that make a lasting impact. To sum up, Duo GB Ltd can supply temporary panel system walling for art galleries, museum installations, portable equipment for exhibition display stands and trade show events. Supplier to various business sectors and markets with innovative and cost-effective solutions for more than 50 years.

Custom designed modular exhibition stands and display systems available from Duo GB Ltd. These provide a sustainable, reusable and recyclable resource for exhibitors and contractors alike.

Double deck exhibition stand

From Aluminium architectural systems to lightweight modular panels. The building of mezzanine floors and heavy duty staging. Using space frame systems for lighting or signage gantries. Display equipment for interior / exterior events, shop fitting, trade show booths, display stands, conference sets & semi-permanent structures.

In truth, Duo GB Ltd’s modular, exhibition stand systems are reusable. Easily configured to effortlessly fit any space, either within an existing shell scheme or a space only site. To Clarify, this is achieved without the use of tools or the need to alter any of the individual components; unlike the majority of custom built exhibits.

Brands that Duo GB Ltd distribute product from companies including Leitner, Tecna UK, Syma Systems, Meroform and Matrix.  On the positive side, once dismantled, it can then be packed away and stored until the next event is due.  Storage for the client’s equipment is available at the company’s main warehouse.

Modular Exhibition Stands and Display Systems from Duo GB Ltd

Duo GB Ltd offer an extensive selection of modular display equipment for purchase. On balance, hire / rental or lease options from the award winning Leitner product range. This includes various types of lightweight modular exhibition panels and Aluminium structural systems. Of course, the design, planning and logistics of large scale Double Deck stands (a second floor level) is available.

In the meantime, benefit from a dedicated project management team. Offering personalised support from inception to installation, including complimentary engineering drawings, 3-D renders and comprehensive print and graphics services.

From captivating trade show displays to dynamic pop-up shops, art galleries, and beyond, Duo GB Ltd’s innovative solutions empower your brand.

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Exhibition panel system used on a stand for IBM

Double deck modular structure built from the Leitner 12 system