A range of decorative Procedes Chenel Drop Papers for ceiling architecture and fabrics for Stretch Ceilings from Duo GB Ltd. Unique accessories for interior design and exhibition display stands

A range of premium fire rated Drop Papers and specialist fabrics for stretch ceilings from Procedes Chenel International. These are ideal for a variety of uses, such as digital printing and ceiling architecture. Laser cut paper partitions, illuminated walls, lighted columns and light boxes make use of the translucent nature of the product. Printable digital textiles and fabrics used for stretch ceilings are also available from a range of technical materials.

Drop Papers: Coloured and White Printable Versions

Drop Screen is a non-woven lightweight (60 gr/m2) material. In truth, its very easy to handle, available in white and 14 vibrant colours at a width of 2400 mm. Suitable for printing with dye sublimation and latex inks.  The material is light and strong, easy to cut paper suitable for use as decorative ceilings, banners, lampshades and partitions.  Together with 3 fluorescent colours; Yellow, Orange and Magenta called Fluo-Drop.

A La Carte (Drop Paper), a non-woven material made from Cellulose, Polyester and Fibreglass. To clarify, the material has a fibrous feel and comes in a range of 42 striking colours.  It comes on rolls 1550 mm wide, with a minimum order of 25 linear metres.  Printed using dye sublimation or latex inks.  What’s more, it is fire retardant – M1, B1, Class 1, NFPA 701. Ideal for indoor use, such as lampshades, room partitions and temporary screens. In other words, bringing much added colour and texture to any home, interior display, retail space or exhibition stand.

Drop Jet – Drop Papers

In short, 4 different versions of Drop Jet are available. Produced with or without Fibreglass added.

Designed for large format digital printers (Solvent, Eco-Sol, Dye and UV), ranging in widths and weights of 914 mm (80 & 137 gr), 1270 mm (80 & 137 gr), 1372 mm (80 & 137 gr), 1524 mm (80, 88 & 137 gr) and 2400 mm (88 & 138 gr).

The 80 gr and 137 gr weight material is suitable for Dye and UV printing whilst the 88 gr and 138 gr versions are suitable for Eco Solvent, Solvent and UV printing.

This material is fire retardant M1, B1, Class 1 and NFPA 701.

Netted Mesh Fabrics

Drop Net is a knitted mesh fabric, 100% polyester and in this case is ideal for creating semi-transparent screens for interior applications, suspended signs or partition walls for trade shows or exhibition stands.

When printed the image is visible from both sides.  Ideal for use with inkjet printers, the material is 180 g/m2 and comes in widths of 1800 mm. This material is rated fire retardant M1.

Fabric for Stretch Ceilings

Smoke Out is a knitted textile, Trevira CS Polyester Fire rated M1, B1, Class 1 and NFPA 701.

The melting lines every 300 mm enable automatic opening of the material in case of fire, allowing for the sprinklers to activate.  Available in either White or Black, at a width of 2800 mm, which when fitted will stretch up to 3000 mm wide.

On the positive side, Smoke Out is ideal for finishing off an exhibition stand, trade show booth or any interior installation by hiding any unsightly wiring or gantries.  Secure the material to a framework or trussing with hook and loop, pull taut and trim thus producing a neat and eye-catching solution.

Drop Paper Ceilings & Ceiling Architecture

Drop Stripe is a decorative ceiling display made up of weighted parallel stripes of drop paper stretched in the vertical plane and suspended from previously installed wires or gantries.  It is compatible with the majority of security and sprinkler systems.  The material can also be printed on.