Lightweight, portable and reusable. Modular, exhibition wall panels: Self-build systems for use as displays in art galleries, room dividers for interiors and on trade show stands.

“Making connections is the name of our game.  Not only is the key connection for us is the link to our customers; but the people who are looking for complete communication orientated concepts that mesh with their marketing strategy. Our first ever display system started with one ingeniously simple connector.  Today that same principle, born over 30 years ago, remains as effective as ever. This is the basis for all our advanced exhibit wall panel and display systems. What is the secret to our success?  It’s an ongoing series of innovative functional developments.

With this in mind, and an open ear for our customer’s wishes, and strict adherence to architectural principles. Set the right mood with an exhibition display stand that reflects your company’s image and matches your corporate identity. Using colours and materials that will stand the test of time. Reflecting your own reliability and consistency, you can create islands of communication where people can come together, supporting your business by fostering successful and harmonious relationships.

In truth, aesthetics, functionality and variability are the trademarks of all Leitner systems. Ideal for customised solutions that meet all your presentation needs.  Exhibition wall panels are used for trade show stands, portable temporary exhibits for galleries and within interior / retail design.”

Temporary, Portable and Reusable Modular Display Panels

Duo GB Ltd can design and supply a range of portable, reusable modular display panel systems for your exhibiting purposes. These vary from the lightweight versions of Leitner 1 and 4 panels to the more robust Leitner 44 system.  In the first place, whether you are running a trade show booth or a large scale stand, designing an interior display, Duo GB Ltd can provide the perfect modular display system. Hire and purchase available.

These exhibition boards are used to construct permanent or temporary walls. That is to say, meeting rooms and trade show booths. With this in mind, temporary exhibitions, display booths and museum / art gallery installations are easily constructed from these versatile panel systems. Sustainable, recyclable and reusable redefine ECO-Friendly displays.

Temporary art gallery display walls

Leitner 1 (L 1) Exhibition Building Systems

Leitner 1 is a modular, self-build, free-standing reusable wall panel system.  Based around a tough, durable patented multi-angled connector, which has two versions available:  45°/90° or 60°/120°. In short, components simply slot together.  Adjustable levellers compensate for uneven flooring.  The main body of each panel measures 17 mm in thickness, and comes in a multitude of widths and heights.  Not only is Leitner 1 portable, but installation and dismantle can be achieved without the use of tools.  With this in mind, the system is ideal for creating counters, curves, towers, booths, showcases, temporary partitions and ceiling structures.

“With Leitner 1, designers of exhibition stands and booths can reach out in new directions and explore new options.  On the whole, the selection of available materials, including aluminium, wood, glass and plastics, paves the way for the creation of special effects and impressive, timeless lines.”

Download the Leitner_1 Brochure

Payslip stand - Leitner 4, portable display panel system

Leitner 4 (L 4) Flexible and Portable Display Walls

In the same way as Leitner 1 in construction and appearance. Available in one main size – 636 mm wide x 595 mm high. The L 4 connector has a greater degree of angles available, which in effect, allows for curves to be realised.  Leitner 4 comes as a kit of 20 boards with accessories including lighting, contained within a metallic or wooden crate.  In fact, with the addition of several panel types, ceiling trellis and curved elements, L 4 becomes Leitner 9.

“The L 4 boards offers many different configuration options that it could be difficult to know which one to chose.  Basically try out all the different alternatives.”

“For stand-alone presentations it makes an impression anywhere, even in the smallest rooms.”

Download the Leitner_4 Brochure

Leitner_44 Large scale exhibition wall panel system

Leitner 44 (L 44) The Wall Panel Presentation System

L 44 is a quality, 40 mm thick panel presentation system with an almost invisible (2 mm) connection method.  Available in a range of horizontal and vertical sizes. Used for the purpose of creating partitions ideal for use in art galleries, museums and at trade shows.

“This interior design system uses free standing walls to create breadth and height – dividing, defining and also linking spaces.  A sensible blend of economy and practicality. In detail, Leitner 44 is based around a 40 mm thick panel, finished with a matt veneer or laminated plastic surface with drilled out connector sockets.  The vertical levellers in natural anodised aluminium provide a stable base and compensate for uneven floors.  Fast, easy assembly / dismantling on account of no tools required.”

“The modular wall panel presentation system can be adapted to suit any room and offers an endless variety of design options.  Use the panel upright or length-ways to create spacious surfaces, long expanses, variable cascades and stable diagonal solutions, all fashioned to enhance the way art is experienced, design appreciated and messages communicated.”

Stand built from the Leitner 1 exhibition wall panel system

Representation of a client’s product or message is what exhibiting is all about, so ease of application of graphics is paramount to any exhibition system.

The Lightweight display panels are constructed from a timber framework, filled with a honeycombed inner section. Faced with a durable outer skin specifically for vinyl graphics application.

Because of the nature of this type of exhibition system, design, reconfiguration, re-usability and installation is relatively straight forward, requiring a minimum amount of tools and labour.

For a long time now, products from Leitner, available exclusively in the UK from Duo GB Ltd, are classic examples of portable exhibition wall panels systems or temporary display walls.  The highly practical and much acclaimed connection methods provide the link on which many creative solutions are based.  Leitner panels are based on straightforward technology combined with a simple, flexible construction guarantee. This gives you greater freedom to create your own new layouts for art galleries, museums, exhibition stands, trade shows, partitions, room dividers and temporary walls. All achieved with the minimal fuss and ease of build.

All Leitner modular exhibition panel systems from Duo GB Ltd are for purchase, with a selection for Hire / Rental.