Modular Exhibition Stands & Structures using Meroform, Space frame and Double Deck systems. Creation of architectural structures, pop-up shops, gantries, platforms, heavy duty staging and lighting rigs available from Duo GB Ltd, full “Exhibition stand design and build service”

Architectural Displays and Structures – Heavy duty staging using Meroform, SYMA, Leitner & Space Frame systems

Reusable, modular, structural display systems for use on Exhibition Stands, Museum Displays, Interiors & Retail Design applications, Double Decker Exhibits, Platforms, Heavy Duty Staging, Gantries and Mezzanine Floors. You can even construct a helicopter landing pad with this system.

Exhibition stands and structures are crucial in showcasing products, services and information in a visually appealing, organised manner. For this reason, they offer a wide range of options for businesses and organisations to create eye-catching exhibitions, trade shows, conferences and events.

Exhibition systems provide a framework for arranging displays, graphics, and signage in a professional and eye-catching way. In truth, designed to be easy to assemble, dismantle, and transport, making them ideal for both temporary and permanent installations. Systems are available in various sizes and configurations, allowing exhibitors to create unique and engaging spaces that will attract visitors.

Benefits of using a modular display system

On the positive side, display systems are an integral part of any exhibition stand. They come in different forms, such as banner stands, pop-up displays, modular walls and digital screens. Banner stands are lightweight and portable, making them perfect for smaller exhibitions or as supplementary displays in larger setups. Pop-ups, on the other hand, are larger and more robust, providing a central focal point for showcasing products or services. Modular walls offer versatility and flexibility, allowing exhibitors to create custom configurations to suit their specific needs. Digital screens add an even more interactive element to displays, enabling the showcasing of dynamic content, videos and interactive presentations.

In addition to their aesthetic appeal, exhibition display systems offer practical benefits. They provide a clear and organised way to present information, products and services. In short, ensuring that visitors can easily navigate through the exhibition space. Without a doubt by utilising these systems, businesses and organisations can effectively communicate their brand message, attract potential customers and generate leads.

Meroform Structures: Heavy Duty Staging, Gantries and Lighting Rigs

Gantry systems such as Meroform are another essential component of exhibition displays. These structures provide overhead support for lighting and signage. Gantries are typically made from lightweight materials, ensuring durability and ease of installation. On the whole, designed to complement the overall aesthetics of the exhibition space, providing a cohesive and professional look.

Meroform is a modular construction building system.  A stable, self-supporting space frame system used for creating single or multi-level stands and displays for exhibition purposes.  Other applications include: trade and public shows, advertising towers, shop-fitting, heavy duty staging, gantries and lighting rigs.

The system is comprised of a series of different lengths of tubing connected together using a special node.

Exhibition stands & structures built using a modular exhibition display system

Overall, exhibition stands & structures, displays, staging and gantry systems are essential tools for creating impact and successful exhibitions. To conclude, the ability to captivate audiences make them a valuable investment for businesses looking to make a lasting impression.

Double Deck Exhibition Structures

Double deck exhibition stands are multi-storey, interior and exhibition semi-permanent installations. Commonly seen in convention halls, retail venues and industrial complexes all over the world.  To illustrate, this type of build is impressive, dwarfing single storey trade show stands. They are visually stunning with the inclusion of banner style graphics, glass panes and solid or fabric panels.

Leitner 10 construction

Duo GB Ltd uses the Aluminium profiles from the Leitner and Syma Systems to create robust, eye-catching, multi-floor constructs.

Multi-floor exhibits comprised of 100% recyclable modular sections. Reconfigured to fit different spaces or venue size. This is a distinct advantage up against conventionally built custom stands, which are discarded after a single event.

Of course, the main benefit of having an upper floor level to your exhibition stand is for the exhibitor to have additional floorspace.  The upper tier can be divided up into private meeting rooms, VIP lounges, reception rooms or as hospitality areas.

Space Frames like Meroform or Leitner 14 are structurally sound methods of constructing aesthetically pleasing heavy duty staging, landing pads for helicopters, roofing and gantry elements.

All projects by Duo GB Ltd, from aspects of stand design through to construction are handled by experienced professionals. Taking care of health and safety regulations, planning, structural calculations and logistics, before the final sign off.