A range of Modular Display Systems used for building an Exhibition Stand

What are the benefits of using a Modular Display System for an Exhibition Stand?

A modular display system is the ideal solution for any organisation that exhibits at multiple exhibitions or trade shows. A reusable resource that can be easily configured to fit many different sized display areas. In the long run, without the need to adapt any of the individual components, makes it an extremely cost effective purchase.

An Exhibition System provides a sustainable, reusable and recyclable resource for exhibitors and contractors alike.

Leitner 12 Double Decker stands

Aluminium exhibition stands and architectural systems, lightweight modular panels, mezzanine floors, staging, space frame systems for lighting or signage gantries and display equipment for interior / exterior events, shop fitting and shelving, trade show booths, exhibition stands and semi-permanent structures.

Duo GB Ltd are a trade only supplier for Architects, Designers and Contractors. Quality interior displays, space-frames, gantries, staging, double-deck systems.  Mezzanine floors and trade show stands constructed from a wide range of modular exhibition display systems.

In brief, modular exhibition systems are reusable. Easily configured to fit many different sized shell schemes or space only sites. Brand named systems that we offer are from companies including Leitner, Tecna T3, Syma, Abstracta and Matrix.

Leitner 1 modular display panel system used as a meeting area on a raised floor

 Leitner 1:  Self-build panel systems

For a long time now, Leitner 1 (L 1) has been a classic among the self-build portable display board systems.  On the positive side, the highly practical, much acclaimed connection method provides the link on which any number of solutions can be based.

Duo GB Ltd, are the exclusive distributor of the Leitner 1 modular display panel system in the UK.

In the long run the highly acclaimed L 1 connector has long ago proven that a classic can remain open to change. It is constantly evolving and represents a whole world of ideas in two versions, with 45 / 90 or 60 / 120 degree angles. Curved layouts are realised by using a Leitner 4 connector. To clarify, it has a greater degree of connectivity, thus providing a wider range of angles.

Modular Stand Installation

Installation and reconfiguration of stands using Leitner 1 modular display systems are possible without the use of tools. That is to say the components simply slot together. Note that, when connected there is a 4 mm gap between the panels. On the positive side, comprehensive accessories, varying panel sizes and curves for counters, booths, showcases, ceilings and lighting.

In truth, the boards are perfect carrier for graphics, cut vinyl lettering or fully printed images. Like the majority of the display systems that Duo GB Ltd carry, stand hire is an option.  L 1 panels are available for hire / rental.  With this in mind, hiring the system can greatly reduce the cost of exhibiting without compromising on the design or client representation.

Leitner 4 display wall panels

Leitner 4 (L 4) – Reusable panel system

Reusable modular panels for exhibition stands, art galleries & interior displays – purchase, lease or hire / rental available.

There is not a company around which would not benefit from the use of a Leitner 4 panel system.  It is your in-house exhibition system:  With just the right element of flexibility and spontaneity to present both your services and your company to great effect. In the same way, it can act as a notice-board.

Assembly of the system is straightforward. Not in any old way, but exactly how you need it.  In the foyer today, in the meeting room tomorrow, or as a notice-board in your staff common room next week.  Actually, the first thing to remember is that it’s not just a wall at all, but rather 100 different walls.  It can be so much more, but that’s entirely up to you.  A reusable modular wall combines features you would also wish your staff to have – mobility, speed and flexibility.

Panel Specification

Constructed in similar fashion to L 1, with a timber frame, honeycomb inner and a tough laminate outer skin.  Both systems look identical, except for the difference in size.  The panel comes in one regular size, with dimensions measuring 636 mm x 595 mm.  Additional header and kicker panels are available.

Business is measured by the speed it takes to get things done.  If you want to keep up the pace, you have to keep moving.  What’s more, this exhibition system always remains up-to-date, making short-term presentations and interior displays in professional surroundings possible.  To sum up, stand-alone presentations using the system make an impression everywhere, even in the smallest of rooms. On the positive side, installation is achieved without the use of tools.

Shopfitting and Shelving Displays

Display shelves constructed from the Abstracta system

Abstracta – Bespoke Shelving & Furniture System

Abstracta is a versatile space-frame shelving, furniture and retail display system designed by the Danish architect Poul Cadovius in the 1960’s.

The Abstracta system is formed from modular lengths of 13 mm2 tubing combined with a specific connector, enabling the construction of retail displays, shelving, counters and bespoke furniture.