Tecna T3 Modular Exhibition Stands & Display Systems

T3 Airframe is a modular, self-build, exhibition display system manufactured by the company Tecna.  It is a perfect framing and graphic carrying system.  For instance, it provides unbeatable flexibility, reusability and stability using just a few cleverly designed components.  In truth, T3 modular exhibition stands are so easy to put together, you don’t require expensive skilled labour.  You can simply build it yourself. Complicated structures can be assembled with ease.  At the end of the presentation, everything packs away quickly and neatly, greatly reducing the dismantle time.  You can reuse your Tecna T3 exhibition stand time and time again.  In essence, transportation and storage are simplified too.  Quick, easy and versatile – one of the most perfect self-assembly exhibition systems on the market today.

Exhibition stand built from Tecna T3

Tecna T3 modular displays are uniquely versatile. Using a square tube and connector, you can create an almost limitless number of design options.  The innovations of the last thirty years in the display industry, large format printing has had the greatest impact.  The Tecna T3 modular display system has been designed specifically to capitalise on this revolution.  Graphics are be printed on or mounted directly to Foamex panels. Fabric can be used but requires the “FabFrame” system add on. A generic light block material of suitable weight can also be applied directly to the steel-faced tubes using magnetic strips.

Tecna T3’s modular displays also address significant problems within the industry.  It’s an easy to construct system, so highly skilled labour is no longer a necessity. So that, the time spent on site is reduced significantly.  A modular stand keeps both storage and transportation costs to a minimum.

Installation of Tecnas’ T3 Display in 6 easy steps

The Benefits of using a T3 Structure:

  • Creates superb “bespoke” structures
  • Seamless graphic displays
  • Fast and easy to use
  • Controls labour costs
  • Cost effective and reusable
  • Strong enough to support LCD screens and heavy display items
  • No tools required for construction

How Tecnas’ T3 Modular Exhibition System Works

The key components of the T3 modular display system consist of an Aluminium tube.  This can be either straight or curved, plus a connector.  These join together with a brilliantly simple, patented, twist-lock action so no tools are required.  Straight and curved walls, towers, raised floors, plinths and counters can all be constructed very quickly using just these few basic component parts.

Applying graphics to the framework is just as easy.  Magnetic tape applied to the sides, top and bottom of the graphic panels locate easily onto the tubes in much the same way as a pop-up kit.  Long, flat or curved walls of seamless looking graphics can be successfully and quickly installed.  Hook & Loop (Velcro) can also be used instead of the magnetic tape when rigid panels are specified.

The Tecna T3 modular exhibition system is very stable. It can easily support large LCD screens, countertops and shelving for heavy items.  The square tube of the system enables hinges, sliding cupboard doors and full sized lockable doors to be integrated into the stand design.